Care & Maintenance


Q. How hygienic is solid surface?
A. Solid surface is nonporous, so germs can’t penetrate. Also, if you choose an integrated sink, there are no sink lips where germs can hide.

Q. Is there any special cleaning or care needed for my solid surface countertop?
A. No. Due to its nonporous attribute, there is no wax or sealant required. Solid surface can be cleaned with soapy water or an ammonia-based cleanser. Rinse and wipe dry. Avoid using strong acidic cleansers (like those designed for drains, toilets or ovens). Some of them can cause whitening, which can be difficult to remove.

Q. Do solid surface countertops stain?
A. Solid surface is nonporous, so it’s naturally stain-resistant. Stains just can’t penetrate the acrylic solid surface. And unlike granite, solid surface never needs to be periodically sealed to resist stains.

Q. What if I scratch my solid surface countertop?
A. Don’t panic. Your solid surface countertop is completely renewable. Usually, just buffing with a Scotch Brite™ pad will remove all but the deepest scratches. For deep scratches (cuts), gouges, and chips, please contact your solid surface certified fabricator installer. In most instances, your countertop can be restored to its original state.

Q. Can I use my solid surface countertop as a cutting board?
A. No, the use of a separate cutting board is recommended.

Q. How can I prevent heat damage to my solid surface countertop?
A. By not placing hot pans or pots directly on your solid surface countertop. The use of hot pads and/or trivets is recommended. Prolonged or extreme heat can cause discoloring.

Q. Do solid surface countertops have seams?
A. If seams are necessary, placement will be at the fabricator’s discretion. Solid surface seams will be inconspicuous (not invisible).

Q. Do dark colors show wear and tear?
A. Dark colors of any solid surface require more maintenance and cleaning. Under everyday use, darker colors will show dust, rubs, fingerprints, scratches and watermarks, easier than lighter color patterns.

Q. How do I clean my solid surface sink?
A. The same way you clean your countertop, or use Soft Scrub liquid cleanser and a gray Scotch Brite™ pad. Rub over the entire sink to blend in the finish.

Q. How do I clean my stainless steel sink?
A. After each use, rinse thoroughly. To minimize mineral deposits or water spotting, wipe the sink dry with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid any abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or scrub pads, as this will dull the finish. Avoid having household cleaning agents such as bleach sit in the sink as this may damage the finish. Stainless steel doesn’t rust; however, use of appropriate stainless steel sink cleaning agents is recommended for removing various surface residues.