Life happens in the spaces we live, work and play. They are a crucial part of our daily lives and can change the way we see the world. Bellavati™ 100% acrylic solid surface is engineered just with this in mind.

Truly versatile and unique, Bellavati™ works well with both horizontal and vertical applications and can be custom shaped to break normal convention, while maintaining function, to awe and inspire. Its non-porous nature provides comfort by keeping bacteria from penetrating, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Most importantly, no matter which color you choose from our large bold to traditional design palette, your space will always be inviting with a smooth surface and seamless appearance that is warm to the touch.

With Bellavati™ , your space will provide a sanctuary for those it serves, making them feel right at home.

Our site currently has the information & tools you need to learn more about our offering and to aid in specifying or producing your job.  However, we are in the process of making changes to make it even more useful to better serve you.